The Q4 Personal Interests Analysis

Q4 Personal Interests Analysis gives insight into what is important to the individual.

  • What degree of continuity does the employee have in the long term?
  • Is work satisfaction negatively or positively influenced by the interests?
  • Are the personal interests attuned to the career development?
  • What is the long-term job performance in this position?
  • What type of training best suits the natural energy of this employee?

Increase your knowledge

Q4 Personal Interests Analysis enhances the knowledge of personal interests and passions, both at work and in private. It is important to understand personal interests.

It is remarkable that like-minded individuals communicate easier with each other; it feels comfortable and effortless. Two equally talented people perform the same functions at different levels because of the difference in the degree of motivation and /or passion. This has great impact on the performance and continuity of the individual in the long term.


Interests and passions define our world view. These shape our lives is in relation to choices and decisions we make. Addressing these passions has a positive impact on our intrinsic motivation. People with different interests prefer different lifestyles. If you know what people are interested in, you can inspire them better. Working within their interests gives positive energy, satisfaction and a direction for personal and career development.


The Q4 Personal Interests Analysis gives insight into someone's motivation based on passions and preferences, which influences attitude positively. Q4 Profiles is based on self-motivation of individuals and thus provides a focus for continuity and performance in the long run. In addition, it gives direction in better assessing career issues, choices and job training, job satisfaction/ job effectiveness. This approach allows for more effective energy in the performance of functions, more creativity and less sick leave in organisations.

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