Q4 Personal Values Analysis

Q4 Personal Values Analysis provides insight into the "why" of your actions.

  • What is important?
  • What do you believe in?
  • What is your reaction to certain situations?
  • What is your 'right' or 'wrong'

Increase your knowledge

Q4 Personal Values Analysis increases the knowledge of our personal values and beliefs that are embedded in us. Often we assume that people around us share these values in the same way. We assume that we share basic values and that the same things are important to us.  However, people are substantially different in terms of values and beliefs. Particular attention is paid to increasing mutual understanding and providing insight into the relationship between our personal values and our actions.

Q4 Personal Values Analysis is based on the model of Morris Massey TICS and describes which combinations of values determine our goals and means. The determination of the value pattern is a snapshot, determined by the degree of personal or collective enthusiasm. The score may change over time depending on life experiences and personal growth.

Four patterns of value / perspectives

Type I takes care of himself. Takes matters into own hands. Values freedom and likes to do things his own way. Sees life as a challenge and is focused on self-preservation.
Type II is committed to personal well-being. Preferably in accordance with others. Seeks confirmation, is optimistic and sees life as a palette of possibilities.
Type III is focused on responsibility and loyalty. Wants to contribute. Strives for social respect from the group around them. Sees life as a test and believes in togetherness.
Type IV is committed to inner harmony. Focuses on responsibilities and rights. What is best for others and for me? Sees life as a quest and has a good dose of idealism.

The Q4 Personal Values Analysis measures the intensity of the different types of values and perspectives/patterns.

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