Q4 Profiles

Q4 Profiles makes the differences between people clearer, and gives particular insight in yourself. Our years of experience in coaching and training, combined with the result of years of research by the University of Manchester has resulted in the Q4 Profiles analysis.

These Q4 Profiles Analysis are applicable in any field, for example: HR, coaching, sales training, leadership, change management, sports coaching, team building and study or career.

Working with Q4 Profilesanalysis provides insight into the motivation of individuals. Our approach with the use of Q4 Profiles Analysis, is used by several leading organisations and companies. We use the following tools:

Or the combination thereof in the form of:

Q4 Personal Motivation Analysis


Hello Eline and Roy,

Wauw, this profile is so very true. She has been my secretary for the last three years and this makes me understand her more. This is yet a other example of the strength of this profile.I certainly want to discuss her profile and learn how to guide and work better with her to get the max productivity.Thank you very much.



Roy A.