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It's all about behaviour

How successful we will be, in our work and in our private lives, is determined by our behaviour. The unconscious, also, has a great influence on our daily actions as is evident when we conduct ourselves in ways we know we should not. Why do we behave that way? Our preferred style - our core pattern - is a strong determinant in our behaviour because it is unconscious behaviour.

Our strength is how effective we are at clearly distinguishing conscious and unconscious motivations.

Understanding our behaviour - how we do something and why we do something - helps us to use our talents and skills more effectively. It makes us aware of the impact of our behaviour has on others which helps us be more mindful and effective with others. Connecting to what motivates you increases your ability to sustain higher levels of energy which improves productivity at work and adds presence to your personal interactions.

Q4 Profiles, the key to behaviour

Q4 Profiles is a specialist in online behavioural analysis. The Q4 Profiles tools, specialise in online behavioural analysis. The Q4 Profiles tools bring individual behaviour, attitude, communication style and personal strength into focus. Our strength is that we clearly distinguish conscious and unconscious motives and document these effectively.

With our Q4 Profiles you will start to understand more about your true motives, which lay under the surface and mostly remain unnamed. It becomes clear how your conscious and unconscious behaviour influence each other. These tools reveal why we engage in one activity while clearly preferring another.

With this knowledge, you can make your work more enjoyable and achieve better results!


I could not be best described as in this test! Every single line, every
characteristic and motivations origins are true and fits exactly on who I am..
Even in the not so positive aspects of me!! I am amazed!!